Deacon Ministry

The Deacon body of the First Southern Baptist Church of Gardendale has pledged to be a servant to our risen Lord, to the Pastor and to the church.  As a servant, we believe some of the duties are:

  • To lead the church in the achievement of its mission.
  • To minister the gospel to believers and unbelievers.
  • To care for the church's members and others in the community.
  • To have a consistent commitment to stewardship. 
  • To demonstrate Christ-like consecration, loyalty, prayer support and faithfulness to the local church program.
  • To visit the sick, needy and indifferent of the church.
  • To encourage and strengthen new converts and the spiritually weak.
  • To attend deacons' meetings regularly.
  • To be available at worship services for assisting the pastor in receiving new members.
  • To faithfully support the ministry and programs of the church by regularly giving of his wealth, not only monetarily, but also of his talents.